About The Milton Community Foundation

The Milton Community Foundation is an IRS 501c3 not-for-profit educational and charitable organization that is governed by a volunteer Board. Its mission is to promote the well-being of the community and undertake programs and projects that serve the people. Activities undertaken by the Foundation are supported by fund-raising events, grants, donations, and bequests. Community support is what allows the Foundation to carry out its mission.

MCF has received grants from the Delaware Division of the Arts, the Delaware Division of Humanities, the State Economic Office, and donations from individuals, local businesses, civic organizations, and the Town of Milton.

The Milton Community Foundation was established in 2005

as a result of a community project to place a statue of John Milton, the English poet, in Milton Mill Park. With funds left over from this project, the individuals who led the effort, formed the Foundation.

Early on, the MCF contributed to the first four Horseshoe Crab/Shore Bird Festivals, in partnership with the Prime Hook National Wildlife Preserve and Friends of Prime Hook. The Foundation received a grant from the Goldman Environment Prize Foundation, and coverage by the BBC in London.

Over the past few years with increasing community support the Foundation has been able to initiate more activities in furtherance of its mission.

The Milton Community Foundation Initiatives

With the help of the people in the community, the MCF is able to support initiatives such as obtaining caps & gowns for the Cape Henlopen School District and so much more.